Field Trips and Distance Learning

We offer field trip opportunities for everyone, both near and far! Please select whether you would like to visit in person or if you would prefer a virtual field trip.

Choose this option if you are an OERB-certified teacher and want to request an OERB-sponsored field trip.oerb-logo-footer Opens in new window

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  1. In-Person Field Trips
  2. Virtual Field Trips

How do I book a field trip?

Field Trips are booked online only using the links below. We cannot book a field trip or give date availability over the phone or via email. 

Please allow up to 5 business days to receive an email confirmation of your trip; if you need date confirmation to arrange travel plans, etc., please submit your application with enough time to obtain confirmation BEFORE the deadlines to make those arrangements.

Schools 20 plusChoose this option if you are leading a large youth-based group of any kind (anticipating 20+ students).

E.g., Public and private school groups, daycare centers, etc.
Small GroupsChoose this option if you are leading a small youth-based group of kind (anticipating 5-19 students).

E.g., Homeschool groups, church groups, scout troops, etc.
HomeschoolChoose this option if you are a homeschool educator or parent looking for resources and discounts.


Can't decide which category your group belongs to?

Choose based on the number of students you plan to bring; if you don't know how many students will be coming, make an educated guess, rounding up to the maximum. Once your reservation is made, we can easily make minor adjustments to your group size.

How Much will a field trip cost?

Your price depends on your group size and add-ons. Choose from the list above to see details about pricing and available add-ons.

What will we do?

Explore 100+ exhibits at your own pace and enjoy interactive learning experiences such as touch tanks, feed shows, and dive shows. You can also feed turtles and stingrays by purchasing food at our feed stands (can pay with cash or debit/credit card*) and enjoy fun attractions like virtual reality rides, mechanical bull shark rides, a hurricane simulator, and arcade games. 

When it's time for a snack or lunch break, visit the Coral Reef café (boxed lunches available for pre-order) or have a picnic with sack-lunches brought from home and then have playtime on the playground! 

*Feed stands are open as long as supplies last. If you wish to reserve feed cups in advance, please indicate this in your online reservation form and plan to pay for the cups with the group payment (collected upon arrival). Feed cups for groups who reserve in advance are $3/cup, and a maximum of 50 cups can be reserved at each feed stand (while supplies last).

CAN WE BRING OUR LUNCHES? and where can we eat?

Yes, school groups can bring sack lunches to eat on our back patio, next to the playground, or you can pre-order boxed lunches from our Coral Reef Café.

How many chaperones can we bring?

You are required to maintain a 5:1 student to chaperone ratio for pre-K-2nd grade and 10:1 for the 3rd-12th grade. Those required chaperones will have free admission. Any additional chaperones will pay $10 (plus tax, if applicable) regardless of whether they are paying their own way or if the group will pay for them. There is no limit on additional chaperones.

Can I pay with a purchase order?

Yes! To pay with a purchase order, you will simply indicate that you wish to pay by purchase order (PO) on your reservation form and bring a hard copy of the PO to ticketing when you arrive. Within one day of your trip, you will receive an email with an invoice for the exact amount of your field trip (based on the final headcount for that day). The invoice will be sent to the email address provided on your field trip reservation form. 

If you are not the person responsible for paying the bill, you must send the invoice to your organization's person responsible for payments. You can send a check to pay for the trip from this invoice. We do not accept checks onsite on the day of the field trip.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes! Our Fish Friends Scholarship Fund can be used to cover the cost of admission for students and required chaperones plus one class or tour (if desired). To learn more and apply, see here.

Still have questions?

You can contact the education department at Please note that we cannot book field trips or provide available dates over the phone or via email.